Heart broken ink on baby

I have a beautiful Naomi so proud of her. Took her to the medical center today for the nurses to see and some one got ink on her arm. I am going to have to strip her and do her over. I can’t just do an arm. Boo hoo. Sooo sad.

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You don’t have to strip! You can use acne cream on it. Put some on the spot and set her in the sun. It might take a couple days but it should come off!


Oh, no, Sheila!!! I never thought about that in office situations! Did baby have a blanket? I try to make everyone keep the blanket wrapped around baby while holding but some are so excited they put the blanket down.

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Yes she had a blanket on but I was with Bill at infusion center and one nurse took off with her. I was sitting with Bill and checked her out after about an hour there and there it was. I tried acetone on the spot(a whole long word the length of the arm) and it is a magic marker type ink it doesn’t come off. I guess I’ll look for a new set of arms for her.That place is depressing enough.

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Ugh! I know you’re heart must be broken. :sob:

Yes she is listed on your site guess I’ll take her off and I don’t see her in the gallery on BB.

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Mr clean sponge? :thinking:, a little tiny bit of spray goof off?

Could it become a birthmark with some soften edges…

Is this Naomi from BB? I have some arms you can have.


Wasn’t very nice of them to do that and not say anything. Maybe they didn’t notice but geez… I’m sorry this happened. Was the mark very large?

I don’t think you should strip the whole baby. It should be easy enough to get the arms close to the rest, IMO. Good luck!


I am so sorry to hear … I would at least try the acne cream …it works on ink but i dont know about marker .

Really yes it is Naomi from BB. How much do you need for them?

No it spells hypo something backwards the length of the arm, I thought of that but its 2" long or a little more not a small thing.

Thats what I want to do just the arms or even just the one and match as close as I can it is #29.

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Not quite sure what you mean in the above?

Do you mean they actually wrote words on the doll when you wrote “hypo”? That’s awful! A dot or dash could be an accident, but writing a word? That nurse needs a talking to… not nice.

That is awful. Can you just redo that one spot and not the whole arm?

Are you freakin’ kidding me?? Someone actually WROTE on her arm?? I thought these were ADULTS, what were they thinking?? Jealous maybe???

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PM with your address and I will send them to you.

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I think she means it was laid on something… :frowning:

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Jenni is right it was an imprint backwards on her, either laid on something or held her against something…The number 29 was her COA number, Bebe

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