Have you?

Can some of you that has painted this baby share your pictures?

I haven’t done mine yet but I made some changes to her. I’m itching to get started on her and Happy Sage, who I also made some minor changes to.


What kind of changes did you do to Michelle?

She’s been washed n hanging around for me to start on her. I was gonna paint her n Johanna asleep at the same time. Then I changed my mind. I started on Johanna 2 nights ago. I’ll probably start on her Friday night.

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I changed the shape of her mouth and added teeth.

WIN_20211208_15_01_20_Scan (2)


Oh ok, looks nice

Thank you.

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You welcome


I thought she would need teeth!

Sooo pretty!

Love it!

I will be excited to see your version!

Thank you!

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She’s cute. Which body did you use for her?

Thanks! One of the 23". I can’t remember which one.

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Ok, I was gonna use the 23 inch body too. Thanks

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