Have you seen this sneak peek? πŸ’•

Charlotte all grown up and chunky as can be :two_hearts:. Another must have kit for me.


Oh my! So many must-have kits!!

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I know! :two_hearts::joy: I love chunky babies and here lately they have been producing chunky doll kits and quite honestly I am in dolly heaven over here Lol!

I’m going to have to come out of retirement if they keep doing this. lol I already have 3 unreleased kits I’m waiting to do pre-orders on.


I hope she has full limbs!! I’ll definitely get her!!

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Yes ma’am! :slightly_smiling_face: from what I gathered on the sculptors Facebook full limbs 25 1/2" Long. First edition will be limited however a second edition will be released in 2021.

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I went looking for information on the reborn artist page :weary: instead of the sculptors page. LOL.


Lol! Honestly did the same and found absolutely none of the information I wanted to know. I don’t have a ounce of patience in my body and MacPherson did not have the length of the kit on the website yet so I just took to upon myself. :joy:

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Lots of lovely pudge! Curious to get a better view of these limbs as well.

While Charlotte is a beautiful child, I do not like how her expression transfers over to vinyl. To me the baby in vinyl has a mad sour look on her face and that is just not a look I enjoy. I would have to see more of them reborn to look less sour before I would be convinced I would like how she turns out.


That one looks real dolly like to me.

She does look a bit like she’s just been reprimanded.

I love this one and am really excited to paint her.

She looks very dolly like to me. Pass.

I was talking about this with a group of ladies. Most seemed very underwhelmed. There’s just nothing that stands out and makes me want to buy the kit…

Ok, she does look a little miffed,lol! But I just realized, I’m going HAVE to get this kit, she reminds me of my baby pics, what do y’all think?

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She looks a lot like you.

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