Have you painted a head like this?

Have any of you done a head like this one? I’m painting 3 mo Joseph and the lady wants him bald. I would like to try this but wanted to see if any of you had done it and how it turned out.

Yes. I used a dremel and sand paper to smooth lines. Took time and you have to bee careful or you can make a dent in head.

If you are referring to the painted hair…I think you could do it with a sponge. I would start toward the back of the head working forward so that you can really thin it out as it comes forward.

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying g to figure out if I could paint a head like this :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like to try it. Thank you.

Yes, you can. When I did it, painted or rooted, I stripped it, painted it and then did the hair. With both methods, I left the hair grooves on and extended the hairline beyond the original one.
This is the one with painted hair.

This one is rooted.

Sorry, I had to do screenshots. My originals were lost when my computer crashed.


Ack! Jean, your “Margo” looks like the cutest Kewpie! :heart_eyes:

Thanks. She does. I never noticed that before. That smile just screamed ‘dimples’ to me so I added some.

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