Have you noticed Silicone babies

Have you noticed Silicone babies dont seem to be painted as well as reborns? I remember at the doll show, I had this expectation that they would be painted as well as reborns especially at some of the price points you see them at out there, but when I saw some in person I was dissappointed. Now, I am not saying that the artists arent doing a good job! I have dabbled with it and its hard to paint silicone. Is it because of the level of painting methods for silicone that is still being developed, or is it that its just as good as it will ever get because of the nature of silicone painting? Back in the day, reborns werent at the level as far as paint jobs that they are now because of so much knowledge being passed down. And that brings me to the next point, is it because silicone artists arent sharing their knowledge of the process so that new artists (who may be unexpectedly awesome at it) dont even know where to begin? Could it be because of the secretive nature sili artists have that advances arent being made to push the competition and market to better itself? i dont know, what do you guys think? Please, I’m not trying to bash anyone but simply point out some things I notice.


IDK but I’ve seen some pretty amazing silicones. And, some not so great ones. Same as reborns but the silicones are much more expensive to make.


yeah thats what I am doing( airbrushing). I would love to master it and share that info!


I think maria grover is probably the best ive seen in person. One other huge artist I saw in person that charged at least twice, was terrible lol.


I have seen a few silicone babies that made me lose my mind enough to think about how much room was on my credit card, but they were in the $8,000- $10,000 range.

Pretty much everything you have posted, I have wondered, but since I can’t find the time to get into silicone (I have all the supplies), I can’t really contribute much to this discussion. I have done a lot of research, and from what I can see, airbrushing is really the way to go.

How fast does this stuff actually dry, @Sony72? Out of everyone, I would think that you should have had a good shot at this since you are used to air dry paint speed.

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I’ve been thinking this for years. I have no idea what goes into painting a silicone so I just always assumed it had to do with the different types of paint. I remember the first time I saw a silicone in person I wasn’t overly impressed (and it was doll from a well known, expensive artist). I agree the artists are doing great jobs, but it just doesn’t look the same as a reborns paint job.


because of the way I mix the silicone…mine dries slower and allows for way more time to blend than normal. I need to do a tutorial! Oh and you can put your mix in the fridge to slow things down


@Sony72 have you tried adding naptha to your paint mix? And putting it in the fridge for 15 minutes before painting with it?