Have these been released yet? Presley awake on ebay

I didnt realized these had been released yet, or is she selling them early and saying she has them on hand, what is going on with this??? @bbsupport @EmilyBB


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It does sound like she has them in stock when she offers Estimated delivery between Mon. Sep. 29 and Mon. Oct. 6

So these kits are not BB exclusive?

How could she have these kits? I don’t think it’s released yet. At least I don’t think so.

Something isn’t right…

Her listing says in stock ready to post? Hummmm something smells fishy.

This is the same seller that had the asleep version that BB pre-sold and shipped directly to her. I think that BB is entitled to have other sites able to sell these babies just like the sculptors have numerous sellers.

The seller does not estimate delivery, that is done automatically by ebay.

These kits are designed and produced by BB; anybody can buy some from them and sell them.

I didn’t think I was really saying the kits couldn’t be sold after market… but the auction does say the kits are in stock and ready to ship, according to sellers statements, not eBay’s. Really I didn’t know other distributors would be selling the realborns. It just seemed funny someone else would have the kit and start selling the sculpt before is released on BB.
Maybe the problem is the seller and her wording.

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I have no issue at all with bb pre-selling anything. BB is ENTITLED, to sell to whomever they please in any amount they choose. They can sell them all to other sites, what I was curious about is why this other seller is selling them on eBay before BB has released them. That’s the issue I have.


This is what the seller said about Presley Asleep and apparently, she will not ship,the kits until BB has them available to order and ship. Guessing her “dates” are when BB told her they would be letting people order the Awake baby? This message was from 9/16 regarding Asleep Presley and was posted on the other thread. @EmilyBB never responded to the original post.

Dear allenpia,

HI ,yes we have them here and we pre booked them with BB and had them shipped so as everyone can release them same time,i have them all here ready to go!! they come with a numbered certificate and also a presentation box and this price includes UK shipping, let your friends know we have them so they dont miss out!!! reg mandy

  • mandyechapman

Mandy is in UK, and it is possible that if she has them shipped directly from China, she already has them. It is also possible that BB has them too, but will release them when they are ready. Sounds like they went through all the sleeping Presleys to make sure they are perfect before selling them. I imagine that takes bit of time.

Emily did say that there were no pre-sales to dealers, but I just read through all of Emily’s posts and I think it must have been deleted from the thread. Angie thanked her for replying regarding the pre-sales, but the post is not in the thread. Obviously, BB has presold them to at least the lady in the UK and shipped the kits directly to her. I don’t think any of us have a problem with that - we just wondered. Tinkerbell apparently did not get them ahead of time though?

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