Has anyone used this for creases

Has anyone used primsa pencils for creases? I was using black cherry for the nails and I liked the color. I put on nail bed then used a wet brush o it. I did creases the same way it doesn’t show up good in pics

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I have used it for creases. I also used black cherry and really liked it. I used it on this baby, I didn’t use any paint for her creases at all. Creases are one of my very last steps so it’s easier to see. The pencil is pretty subtle



I tried to use black cherry Prisma on the creases, as I’ve read some posts about it on this forum, and I didn’t like it. I like to build them up with paint. IMO anything ‘corner cutting’ reduces the final appearance of the baby and quality.


I had this same issue, I build mine with every mottling layer slowly then do them seriously later. I couldn’t get the pencil to look as good to me.


I tried it, the final results looked too pink when baked or with air dry just unnatural. I didn’t look at it as cutting corners, in the days and time that is put into painting, trying something new is always helpful. I have been around since we first painted play dolls with oil, stencil paints and ritz dye so trying a small thing as a pencil or maybe using it is not a bad way to do something. I always, always appreciate those who step out of a box to try something that isn’t in the “norm/rules” to me they are the innovators and real talents of this evolving art form.


I haven’t but I use the paint for creases. But your veins look good :blush: :blush:!!