Has anyone used this before?

I picked this up from hobby lobby but not sure if it’s any good. I currently use waterborne ultra matte sealer and it works great it just comes in small bottles so I wanted to try something different. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I have not used this brand before but this is a medium used to thin paint pigment color down some and aid in the adhesion of the paints. It is not meant to be a final varnish. It probably can double as a primer however. It should tell you on the bottle if it can be used as a translucent ground (primer)

Hmm it also says use to seal finished dry work. Will it not work because it’s vinyl?

I would be concerned about word ‘gel’. Can you try it on ta test part and tell us about your selusts?

I am sure it’s for acrylic paints on canvas.

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Have a Matte Gel by Liquitex, I believe. I put it in with my paints but I have never considered it to be a finisher.

Gel medium is binder without pigment. In other words, paint with no pigment in it. Sealing and varnishing are two different things. An Isolation coat is a sealer. Then you put a varnish over that to give it protection. Sealers set the paints so they cannot be removed. Varnishes can be removable or permanent, depending on the brand/kind used. If you use this as a sealer at the end like an Isolation coat, I suspect you will still need a varnish to matte it down and also harden the finish against scratches.

Thanks everyone! I will buy a varnish and just use this to mix with the paints.