Has anyone reborned sandy faber kit

Has anyone reborned any sandy faber kits? I love the smiling ones and I love rosalee but also love bountiful baby’s Michelle and don’t know if I even want to buy another kit as I don’t know if I am ever gonna paint a baby I actually like, lol

This is my James. Made me smile even when he wasn’t painted.


Oooooh that is a beautiful face!!!

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So cute!

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I have a Bethany I bought a couple years ago but she will be my first Faber kit. Her kits are so fun loving !

I did Mae a couple of months back. Sadly I’m terrible about pictures and this is the only one I could find. :sweat_smile: I did enjoy the kit though! Super cute! I did not root her, so I can’t tell you how that is- but if I remember correctly, it was a more firm vinyl!