Has anyone heard anything about

The Toby kit on irresistables.com. I placed her on pre order a quote a while ago. Has anyone heard when Toby will be released? I was really wanting to get her and have her done for a craft show I am going to in Nov.
I have never done a pre order before and was not sure how far ahead they did those.

I’ve only done 2 preorders and they both took a lot longer than I expected. I do know that there has been a big backlog on preorders because so many new kits have been released.

@Blissfulbabies thank you, I was just wondering. I will try and be patient a little longer. Lol.

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MacPherson’s site states they are enroute to their warehouse. I would assume that Irresistables will be getting theirs shortly, too.

@cajuncuties. Thank you, sounds like great news.

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