Has anyone had someone order a custom then disappear?

I took a few customs. Easy ones where the customers weren’t too particular, just wanted something similar to ones that were already sold.

So this one lady ordered one a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to reach her to check out the pictures, to see if she wants me to change anything or not. She is not responding to my emails. It’s too soon to become alarmed, but I really would like to get on with this one because I’m too busy to be chasing anyone around like this.

Why in the world would someone do this? How long would you wait and then what would you do?

Hopefully nothing bad happened to her. Hopefully you will hear something from her soon.


IDK. She might be in the hospital or something.

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Did she pay a deposit?

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Yes. 50%.

I’d hang tight for now, could be an emergency has come up and she is pre occupied to check e mail .A 50% deposit is probably not going to be lost by someone so she’ll get back to you.,

Same exact thing happened to me recently. I finished the doll & sent photos via text (it’s a person I know/trust) Today she finally texted back & it’s been over a week! I was a little worried, but not too stressed as she had already paid half and I have the doll sitting here ready to go. She apologized & said the past few weeks have been crazy.

So I guess hang in there- she probably just has a lot going on right now but won’t abandon her deposit. (And if she does, you can sell to someone else and come out ahead)

Yes. I had a Kenzie special order, she paid and then said never mind, didn’t want her money back or anything…weird.

If she paid the entire amount, I’d refund her (minus any non refundable deposit) even if she didn’t ask for it just to avoid any problems down the road.

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Now this woman (who paid a 50% deposit) popped up, approved the pictures which were posted on reborns, but has been ignoring my invoice for days. I’m trying not to get irritated, but am… I get that things happen, people are busy, but come on. A “Hey, I’ll pay you when I get paid on Friday” is WAY better than this.

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