Has anyone had an issue with the paint not adhering to Michael in areas of the vinyl

Wow. That doesn’t look good. Do you seal before painting?

I have tried putting dark red in the areas and doesn’t work. The whole area is getting to red! I thought I would make the leg area a birth mark but don’t want to do that huge area of cheek. I use Golden air dry but don’t think that’s the issue. Yes I used GoldenFluid Matte Medium. I never had this with BB.

That’s really strange. I wonder if anybody else is having this problem.

I’ve put some matte medium on it to see if that helps but trying to fill in only the uncolored part is difficult done it before, not fun.

It might be the pictures or the computer but it looks to me like it’s not taking paint smoothly anywhere.

I was having similar problems there is currently no paint on the bottom half of his face and a hand. I baked like I always do in between layers but when I was try to smooth out of the blushing it all wiped away. So i have varnished those area and we will see if it now works.

How long is your paint curing before adding more?

Looks like it rubbing off?

Yeah I did the same, very strange that NO paint dyes the vinyl

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No that’s not the issue. Iv’e got a little of the deep red to stick but even that is rather bubbly looking or actually looks more like a birthmark.

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@PenelopesRebornDolls it’s maybe the light, but your paint look way too thick to me.

When something like that happens to me, I let the paint cure a couple of days before applying the blush. It helps.

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It probably is in the area in the picture because I kept trying to put the red paint on the area to see if it would stain. Now the side of her face is too red. I’d better stop, I suspect I’m going to have to take all the paint off and start over. However if this happen again I am going to be extremely upset. And there is the area on the leg the DID THE same thing.

If GHSP don’t work I will use air dry acrylics instead

I did not have any issues with my first one. I haven’t painted my second one…

I’ve had this happen with golden acrylics, when this happens it’s usually on a very smooth area of vinyl, (like a shin) apply two layers of matte medium sponged on all over the kits and you should be able to fix this! I’d strip and start by applying a few layers of matte medium and start over personally. But that’s just me. I’ve found some areas of the Realborns won’t take paint the same because they don’t have enough texture!

After you strip it you could try gently roughing those areas up a little with superfine sandpaper and then sealing before painting.

Yeah that’s what I’ll do. I used a brush to put the matte medium on, sometimes I do pounce it with a sponge. This time I’ll do two coats. Do thin your medium when doing this. I do seems to thick otherwise. Lately it seems all I do is strip😫but learning new things is good.

I tried using very fine sandpaper before I took off the paint on the whole doll and I think it made a little difference. The second face photo showed a little paint was absorbed but not enough. I’ll use sand paper again tomorrow before I use the matte medium. Do put a little distilled water in the medium?

I don’t know. I’ve never used that medium.

I don’t thin my matte medium when using it as a primer, or when using it for texturing skin, I’ve found it just makes it not work as well, I use it by brushing on and pouncing off, it leaves a gorgeous skin texture! I actually had paint come off in a few spots on an unprimed baby today, So far I’ve been able to fix them and she’s an experiment so it’s okay! But It’s definitely frustrating. It usually happens to me when I work to fast and don’t give it enough time to cure between thicker layers