Has anyone gotten Scarlet yet?

I love the details on her but wonder how much she looks like she is frowning. Mainly how pronounced it is on the forehead or whether it just looks that way in the photos. I may still get her just for the hands and feet. She is the size I’m getting into after having a hard time getting preemie clothes for a few! Beginning to think I’m just going to collect one size. But I’ve been too busy doing other things to reborn or play with them. I hate it when life takes over my time to play with my babies! Unless I’m playing with my real granddaughter baby!!!

I have not but someday and I so love playing with my grand baby

I can not wait to see her done by some more people!!! I think she has a lot of potential!

Me too - I know she can look beautiful and when I can afford one, I intend to try

Me too!!! I want to paint her soft and new…not quite so stressed looking. I think she has huge potential!!!