Has anyone done Nessa Winters? Show pics please

I’m gonna reborn Vanessa Winters for my granddaughter Arya :yellow_heart: She’s LOVES baby dolls!!! She just turned two years old and I think this mini reborn would be perfect for her :grin: Since the moment she was born my whole world changed my heart filled with such an amazing love I could just pop of happiness, our bond is amazing we FaceTime 4 hours everyday ( she lives in Washington and I live in California) because of FaceTime when she sees me she runs into my arms and never leaves me until she boards the plan to go home. I just recently found out she’s moving to California in May!!! This is one happy grandma :yellow_heart: Here are a few pictures
This picture is of me holding my granddaughter and my two daughters on both my sides

Little hats I crochet for her :yellow_heart:

Figuring out FaceTime together

Getting older

She loves being grandma Lisa :yellow_heart:

I flew in to Washington to surprise her for her 1st birthday



I do not know Vanessa Winters. Is it by Marita Winters?


Sorry It’s Nessa

She is soooo sweet and adorable! No wonder you’re madly in love :heart: reborns are a great gift for little girls, just tweak the baby to make it safe, like no glass beads etc. Then after that new baby clothes for her and pacis,accessories from time to time. She’ll be hooked! Is she moving fairly close to you or just much closer?


You and your family are beautiful!

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Beautiful granddaughter. :slight_smile:

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She is absolutely beautiful. What a cutie! :slight_smile: Those grandbabies tear at your heartstrings, I know!

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She is adorable and I can see on the pictures how happy she makes you .

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You both are gorgeous!!! :heart:

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Love love loved the pictures grandbabies are the absolute best! Thank you for sharing !

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I plan on crocheting her lots of baby clothes :grin: She’s movingb to San Diego which is a couple hours away from me, when my daughter first told me I cried for 5 days of happy tears lol every time I opened my mouth to talk I would just cry lol


Lucky Grandma! She is adorable.

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That’s nice she’s moving closer. More face-to-face time! :heart_eyes:

Exactly Amy :grin: My daughter and son in law keep saying I’m not sure she’s gonna leave your home lol,


Can’t forget about my grandson Bradon :blue_heart:

My grandson started FaceTime with grandma too

My granddaughter got so mad she had to share me she wouldn’t talk to me for two weeks!!!

Thank goodness we worked it out and she now understands I’m his grandma too lol


My goodness can I just say wow you are stunning! Sheesh you are a grandma? You are so young. I hope I look that good when I am a gramma! Your grandchildren are so beautiful xoxo

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Awwww thanks :blush: My daughter will be 27 soon so I’m not as young as you think lol and she just LOVES being a mommy so much she wants 5 kids soooo I think I’m gonna have lots of grandchildren :grin: If I would of known being a grandma was this wonderful I would of had more kids so I can have more grandchildren lol