Hard head

So I just got this kit, I’m loving him, he’s an Elisa Marx baby and he’s got such a hard head! His arms and legs vinyl is soft and squishy but his head is so hard. I was planning on rooting him but I don’t think I will anymore.
Are all Marx kits this hard in the head or is this kit the anomaly?


I’ve never had one of her kits but he’s adorable. Maybe the rooting lamp will soften the head up enough to easily root. Or, you could paint hair.

I’ve had German Vinyl kits that are really bad for that. Rock Hard Heads and soft lovely limbs. I think they have the Heads made at a different place. I really don’t know but it only makes sense since there is such a difference. Good Luck with it.

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Same thing regarding the Smilla I bought. Rock head, soft body. Not only that, reminder to all of us to inspect kits ASAP. She has a defect, an actual crack next to her eye socket, inside. It is almost through to the outside. I am getting another head. If I used air dry I would tough it out, but it will never tolerate baking.

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Aaaww, that’s my little Edley. I LOVE this kit. I’m rooting mine with no problems and I don’t heat my heads for rooting. I just fill them with poly pellets. His hair is about half done. My problem with this kit is the neck groove is very shallow on the whole front half of the neck and the body rides up. I’m trying to figure out some alternative way to attach the head. A neck ring won’t work because there’s no groove to put it in and the neck flange is large and flared so a neck ring wouldn’t fit over it.
I’d order another one if it wasn’t for the neck.

He really is adorable… Can you take a photo of the neck when you finish for us please?

It’s getting increasingly colder where I am so maybe that’s why his head is so hard.
I noticed that about the neck when I was putting him on the string tie body that he’s on in that picture. As long as the cable tie is tight enough, it should stay.

It will stay, but it won’t turn.

Mine turned okay on the string body but I wouldn’t trust that for long term use