Harbor Freight

I will never order from them again.I placed order they added 100.00 on to order cant cancell because no one speakes English.I have called 4 times No one can understand order number from my email conformation.Has anyone had this much trouble.I guess i will call my bank and cancell the order.Where do you all order your glass beads from?

Some people order from Grainger. Any place that sells sandblasting abrasives should have it. You can check around where you live for that.

I live in a small town that doesn’t have any thing like that WALMART is about a hour away and Hobby lobby(My fav store) is 2 hrs.I have to buy all my dollie stuff from the internet. But the good Lord has blessed me with everthing good and a nack for reborning.

I drive 30+ to get my glass beads. I also live in a small town. 50lbs will last you awhile so its not like you have to make the trip weekly.

I got mine on Ebay 3 months ago for 25.00 for 30lbs SHIPPED. Great deal except the UPS man almost got a hernia as did my husband when they picked up the box thinking since it was small it would be light! LOL
I have enough left for about 8 more dolls. It is a pale green color. Came with all kinds of lung precautions as it all does or should. Since it is so fine you should wear a mask when using it as the granules could easily be inhaled.

I need to start checking again for another box as this one like I said is getting low.

husband, son in law, and sons all order from Harbor Frieght without a bit of trouble except for things being out of stock. And there is one not too too far away…30 miles or so. But they always order their’s from the catalogs

I also purchase mine locally at Harbor Freight. 50 pounds costs me about $35.00 and I don’t have to pay shipping for it. I always have to ask for it, though… they keep the 25 pound bags out on the shelf but the 50 pound ones are usually in the back. Good luck in your search!

We have a Harbor Freight about 10 minutes away. I am going to go tonight and replenish my supply of glass beads. Does anyone know if they sell plastic pellets there?

I got my 50 pounds of pellets!!! yay what a savings VS ebay.

Beth sorry I meant beads. The glass beads. They are 80 grit. Now if I could just find a good supplier of plastic pellets.

I would like to find a local supplier that has the glass beads the size of the poly pellets!

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I would like to find a local supplier that has the glass beads the size of the poly pellets!

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Wouldn’t they be marbles?

nope! they are the same size as the polly pellets…but glass…ALOT heavier than using polly pellets or the fine glass. The early Sheila Michaels dolls were weighted with them.

Guess I’ve never seen the size of the poly pellets then! LOL

they are what the girls are talking about here when mentioning wanting a local supplier for poly pellets…alot of reborners use them. available at most craft stores…bountiful baby sells them too …if you want an idea what they look like http://www.bountifulbaby.com/seaside/in … se&c=21311
they just don’t add much weight…but the GLASS pellets that size…really add some weight!

Then you want GLASS MILLING BEADS which come in various sizes including about 3 mm which is the size of a poly-pellet. They should be available where you get your glass sandblasting beads. I’m checking with a seller on eBay now and will let you know what he says when I get a response.

thanks! I have checked with sandblasting suppliers before…but they told me they were too large for sandblasting so they did not carry them.

the eBay seller said he could get them if there were enough in our craft to warrant ordering them. He does carry a 2 mm glass bead so I don’t think there is that much difference between the 2 and the 3. His name is tacomacompany. I’ve know people who ordered the fine beads from him and they are satisfied with his service and product.

what kind of price can he offer…will shipping be high?

This past week, my dolly friends ordered 25lbs of beads and shipping cost them 5.95

Well still no luck finding a supplier in my area for bulk poly pellets!! I like to buy 50 pound lots so I am going to keep looking. I had a supplier one ebay for several years but he’s no longer selling. At least I have the glass beads taken care of.