Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone including Bountiful Baby a Happy Thanksgiving ~


Thanks Deb - Happy Thanksgiving to all - enjoy your families, and if you travel, stay safe

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving! I had a great day. My nephew cooked everything we could think of, my older daughter came over for the evening and ate with us, and I got to Skype with my son and granddaughter who asked me to come to her house - happy to hear she misses me but oh, so sad to see that little face asking for me when I can’t go :frowning: . Only bad thing was hubby had to work a 12 hour shift but got home just in time to eat. Spent late evening doing Christmas shopping online. I sort of miss fighting the crowds like my mom and I used to, believe it or not. But shopping on Thanksgiving was met by looks of horror from my younger daughter and nephew. Only thing that topped those looks was when my older daughter and I proposed spending the day painting the living room LOL!