Happy Easter from Sophia!

She loves her new flip flops

Thanks, Christina! She HATES to wear shoes and at 14 months old, these were just for fun in the playroom, but she loved them.

Happy Easter to you too!

Happy Easter, she is so pretty!!

Oh my gosh she is so beautiful! Oh how sweet is she!
I absolutely cannot believe how big she is! Boy does time fly!
Did you know if my first born had been a girl his name would have been Sophia! I just love that name.
beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Thanks so much, everyone! Yes, the Easter Bunny visited Sophia ~ this little stuffed kitten was in her basket. She looks cross-eyed in this picture and I seem to be the only one who notices or worries about it.

Thanks Bonnie! She never has a bad day, I swear…she’s always smiling.

Karen - she is beautiful!

She looks so grown-up in that photo! As if she is ready to head out to the mall on her own! Poor parents better prepare themselves!

Thank you, Pia!

DJ, she was so sweet, modeling her new shoes…right before she decided she’d rather walk around barefoot and ripped them off. Has a mind of her own, for sure!

Awww, what a cutie she is!! : )

Thanks, Danielle!