Hamlet and Morty enjoying visiting their Aunt's new house

Just wanted to share some cute pics I took at my Sister in laws new house. The boys had on these adorable semi matching outfits, so I just had to take some photos to share.


How sweet. That ball pit looks super cool!


I am happy they had a nice outing. Did everyone at the Aunt’s house just love them? :slight_smile:

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Cute outfits, turquoise, stripes and nautical theme! They look like adopted siblings! Lol

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Adorable and fun!

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@EnchantedOrphanage Thank you very much! Yeah, my Sister in law spoils her Grandkids… she got this house so she specifically had a playroom for them while still having an area for adults to hangout and watch TV, because in her old house you’d have to yell over each other to be heard when the grandkids were there. lol As soon as I saw the ball pit, I knew I had to get pictures.

@Jacelyn5440 Thank you very much! Yes, everyone adults and kids alike love Hamlet and Morty. The adults love to hold them because they enjoy the weight, the kids love how they look. I rotate who I bring, so whenever we go over there for Sunday dinner, the first question is “Who did you bring today? Can I hold them?” lol

@EmOh Aww…thank you very much! Yes, they went together so well considering one outfit came from Walmart and the other in a newborn boy bundle I got online (like 10 used outfit pieces for $10). I was glad that at least one of the outfits workef for Hamlet to hide his 3/4 arms and legs…I wasn’t sure if the romper would work, but when I change them for Halloween, I’ll try the romper on Hamlet. They did very much look like adopted siblings…too cute!

@YelenaRey Thank you very much! It was SO much fun! The benefit of her having grandchildren is I get to pose with their toys. lol Also, when they start outgrowing things, I’ll get the chance to take the things she wants to get rid of…I’d love to have that little seat she has in the first photos (I don’t know what those are called).