Halloween Challenge?

I know the Irelyn Challenge isn’t even over, but I was thinking how fun it would be to have a Halloween challenge. This might have been done in the past, I’m not sure. It would give people a chance to showcase their creative side esp. those who like to do the horror dolls. It could be anything Halloween themed; the dolls themselves or the costumes. Talking about it now would give everyone plenty of time to work on their ideas and dolls. We could do a poll again. What does everyone think?


That might be interesting.

This is just something to think about to give everyone time for their ideas.There is lots of time for another challenge now. I won’t be doing any dolls myself for a few months because I have a lot of landscaping and house projects to complete this summer. :cry:

I would sooooo be up for that!!

I have some ideas brewin, I think I’m in