Halloween baby for sale(NEED SOLD URGENTLY)


Selling my pumpkin baby, made from the BB Lane kit. I need him sold ASAP so I can afford my meds…

He is about 4lbs 5 oz(weighted with poly pellets and glass beads) and has a magnet in his head. He comes inside his pumpkin and will also come with “goodies”. He has rooted mo-hair(head and eye lashes) and Milia around his nose and eyes. He was painted with Liquitex acrylics and sealed with Folkart outdoor Matte sealer.
$375 OBO + shipping(USA Only)

He DOES have some pinpoints by his eyebrows where I tried(unsuccessfully) rooting his eyebrows. You can see them up-close only.


I Loooved the pic of the pumpkin baby, good work!!


Aww I love this little one!


Is this the one that is 19"?


Yes he is 19"


I am just curious, but did you mostly stuff him with fiberfill in order for him to weigh only 4.5 oz. :slight_smile: I am guessing maybe to fit him in the pumpkin? I like that idea of putting him in the pumpkin. I think that was a stroke of genius! :slight_smile:


poo I meant 4lb 5oz >.>


LOL. Oh, I should have thought before I asked that question! :slight_smile: Of course. He would weigh more than 4.5 oz w/o anything in him! Sounds like a good size.!


Yeah I’m not quite sure how I missed that, probably because I’m tired, I had to spend most of yesterday in bed due to my health and then I fell part-way down the stairs(thank god for having a connective tissue disorder! I hyper bent instead of broke my leg on the way down, there’s now a carpet burn from my knee to the tip of my big toe on my left leg!)


You are definitely blessed to have only sustained carpet burns!!! :heart:


I really am! After I finished bawling at the foot of the stairs(as you do when it’s been a crappy day already and then you fell down the stairs) I was shocked to find I hadn’t broken anything considering how much it hurt. I fell really hard and I’m so incredibly lucky that’s all that happened, though when my new insurance kicks in I’m going to get the leg checked out anyway since it made such horrible noises during the fall, just in case.


Yikes!!! Just reading the part about the leg make weird sounds as you fell gave me the willies!!! I can handle open wounds and blood but just the thought of broken bones makes me cringe


Tell me about it! I’m in my 20’s but I have the physical health of someone 60+ due to my health conditions, I snap crackle and pop so horribly. Sometimes they freak me out too!


I’m 41 and due to being an overnight stocker at Walmart my body is constantly in pain. I’ve always had back issues but it’s worse now. My hands, wrists, elbows and my right knee at always hurting…some nights are worse that others


Bump because I really need this baby sold.


Sounds like you have EDS.


I do actually, hypermobile type(type 3)!




Bump, his selling has become urgent as I need money to afford my medication…


You might try selling somewhere else, like on Reborns or FB sell sites. Not a lot of people come here looking to buy. Good luck :slight_smile: