Hair Rooting! Help!

Hello Reborn Community!

I am fairly new to reborning and absolutely fell in love with it. I have three WIP babies and I’m currently working on my first rooted baby! Ah!

I have started the crown/swirl, but my question is how to continue?? This is the realborn Charles Asleep kit, so I would like his hair to be fairly light/sparse. Thoughts/help tips?



Wow! Great painting! Love all your details! I never realized Charles looked so much like Madison.

GREAT swirl :heart_eyes:

I am just learning too and you did the same thing I did.

Apparently it’s better/easier to start from the outside back Of neck or front at the forehead and work your way around and towards the swirl. Easier to see and less hair in your way and easier to control ;). I found it made it easier if I periodically sprayed it with baby detangler and lightly brushed it with a toothbrush to keep it out out my working area.

Oh and


Hi! Thanks for the response!

That does make sense… lol. I guess I felt like it would be easier to visualize and directional root with the swirl already in place.

My end result goal is this look (Prototype Realborn Darren) LOVE the soft look. Any suggestions on how to achieve it?

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I would keep this pic right beside me as I root. Your will look more like what you want when it is trimmed. Good job :slight_smile:

I start at the back of the head and once Im over the ears and on the sides I start at the front and then work around and the swirl just comes natural and its the last thing I do. You can also draw lines with chalk, like a map, and follow those but you want to go in the natural direction of the hair, if you start at the top of the head you will have hair in your way and its very difficult to root.

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