Hair odor suggestions

Someone gave me .9 oz of fine, straight, 12 inch long human hair for which I’m very grateful. The problem is it absolutely reeks of Sandalwood. Any suggestions how to get this very strong odor out? No way can I use it like this.

Tie it in smaller bundles at the cut end and shampoo it as you would your hair in warm water.

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After soaking it in warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes then shampooing 6 times, it still smells like Sandalwood. It’s not as strong but definitely still there.

Try a citrus based shampoo or soap.Usually citrus removes odors.

I’ll give that a try. Sandalwood is such a strong scent.

Softsoap makes a kitchen fresh hands odor neutralizing liquid hand soap with citrus extracts.I actually washed a stinky kit with it and it smelled wonderful afterwards.It removes onion smells and garlic etc. from your hands so maybe it would work for you on the hair.

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I’m going to get some. It would be nice to have something on hand that gets out odors, especially from vinyl. I had a doll that smelled like it had been soaked in Estee Lauder Youth Dew perfume which is also very strong. It took weeks of soaking, scrubbing, airing etc. to get that smell out.

In that case I would just leave it; I am sure sooner of later it will lose the smell. Do not put it in sealed bag or container, leave it such a way that it can breath, and I am sure by the way you end rooting it there will be hardly any smell left.

Gonna have to check this out. Could really come in handy.

have you tried lemon juice?

I’m not sure if it will work on hair, but have you tried baking soda? I’ve tried it with a smelly kit one time and it worked. I put a pudding cup with baking soda in it and the kit in a plastic storage container and let it sit for about a week. Just a suggestion and hope you are able to get the smell out.

I thought about lemon juice but haven’t tried that yet. This odor is really strong. When I first got the hair it made the entire room smell (and I hate Sandalwood). It has diminished with the soaking and washing I’ve done but it’s still pretty strong-makes my hands stink if I touch it. I might have to try all of these suggestions to totally get rid of it. It’s great hair, though, and I really want to be able to use it. Thanks for all the helpful hints.

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