Hair Direction

Morning Everybody: question for today: when you see a beautiful head of hair and it is combed over to one side on top, do you actually root the hair FORWARD and just comb it to the side OR do you actually root the hair to the side? I’m, just beginning this Rooting journey.

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I have been wondering the same thing. I actually want to root so I can comb the baby’s hair up in a curl on top of the baby’s head. I’m not sure if I need to change the direction when rooting or if I accomplish this with just styling.

EXACTLY------I would like to comb hair into that style as well and wondered if you had to root hair IN from both sides in order for it to stand up into a curl on top of the head or just root it forward and comb up. Thanks for the response, looks like we are both wondering the same thing about hairstyles.

You can directionally root hair to be parted or curled or comb it in a certain direction. The advantage of directional rooting is that the hair lays flatter and the pattern holds true even when dry.

Thanks Mary, guess we need all the info we can get. So when you root the hair into a definite style, that’s all you’re gonna get, In other words, you won’t then be able to change styles?

I directional root in a certain pattern and I still can style in other styles if the hair is left a little longer. Hair can be made to go in almost any direction when it is wet. However when you go against the direction it is rooted it will not lay as flat.

Ok, understanding a little better now. Thank You Mary.

I root the hair toward the middle of the head to get it to stand up a bit (and appear thicker) at the crown and then gradually lose that as I get closer to the sides. Like Mary said, the directional rooting allows the hair to always fall in the direction it was rooted.

Thank You Pia, very much appreciated. I can see in my mind what you are saying and it’s very helpful.