Had to share just one more pic!

Sorry for all the pics! Haha but she is just my little sweetie took her to see my grandmother


I have her sleeping sister.


Aww they could be cousins!! So pretty :heart_eyes:

Toddies can be tough to sell…especially nearly bald ones like mine. She’s been on reborns.com a long time waiting for her mommy. :cry:

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Shes beautiful! If i wasnt flat out broke i’d take her! Pm me her price and i will see what i can do next month if you still have her then i’d love to have her

You can see more of her pictures at reborns,com.
My nursery is Honojanes Reborns. If you don’t see her, click on search and scroll down to the nursery names to click on the nursery.

I’m asking $299. plus $40. shipping.

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Ok great thank you fingers crossed Arianna will be getting a sister! Will keep you informed

Note my edits in the above email. I added some infor. I hope you can buy her. It would be so cute to know she had a sister or a cousin!