Hacked! Apologies

If anyone has received any odd emails from me within the last 18 hours or so, they were not sent by me!!!


time to change all passwords again…the idiots with time on their hands are at it again! GRRRRRR!!!

My mail should be very safe now…it has been scanned, sterilized, punished and given a new identity! LOL


Sorry this happened to you

This is a good occassion to share a new Search Engine page with all of you. It will soon also have an email program too. It cannot be hacked and nobody can read your mail or follow your movement online. You know how there is a controversy about the government peeking into your computer. This engine was made just for that. It keeps no record whatsover of where you go and where you have been. Americans in Holland devised it. Even if the government went after them to get into their search engine, it would do no good because it doesn’t keep records. You can decide for yourself. You can go to it and find out about it. I use it and it works just as good as google but doesn’t have all the dark implications. https://www.startpage.com/