Guess what I got-I'm so excited!

I just received my Izzy Tulip resin sculpt. She is phenomenal! Every tiny detail is perfection (and I do mean tiny-she’s only 4 inches long, curled up). She brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart giggle.

I have to find the perfect place to put her where I’ll see her every day.


Oh my goodness!! She is adorable!!!

So sweet!

Ohhhh I love little miss Tulip! I have one too(still waiting for me to paint her) and I agree she is pure perfection :heart_eyes: Congrats!

She is so precious!! :heart:

I’m not sure I want to paint her. I really like her the way she is and I don’t want to wreck her.

I also have Tulip and she is so sweet!!!

Aw, congratulations! Tulip is adorable… just so sweet :slight_smile:

She’s even cuter in person. I wish Izzy would do a newborn vinyl kit of her.

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She is a sweet one :blush:

Where did you get this sweetie??

Izzy produced a very limited number of these resin sculpts. They sold out very quickly.

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I love that tiny baby, Izzy is amazing.