Gretel by Emily Jameson (update)

I just messaged back and forth with Emily about the status of this kit. She said they are enroute to the dealers and shipping of the ones pre-ordered should happen soon. The kit is a set limited edition of 1200 but not sold out. If you decide to order, do it directly from Emily and get a signed body. Anytime you can order directly from the sculptor, it is a huge benefit to her.


She’s got some gorgeous bonnets and booties and those cute silicone bottom diaper covers too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks for the link!

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I really like the kit, but really wish it was a larger size. I’ve reborned a few of Emily’s kits and never had any issues with the vinyl. I’m hoping the next kit will be bigger.

She is years apart on kits. I saw Gretel at the 2018 Kansas Doll Show and again in 2019 and now a year later it is being produced. I think there was an issue with the limbs…

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She is here… directly from Emily with a signed body. I got LE 4/1200. Emily has the lowest numbers if you order from her site.


@pia Your style of of reborning goes so perfectly with this kit, I can’t wait to see your version! I pre-ordered Gretel too, although I’m not sure how I will paint her yet… She is such a beautiful kit!


Thank you for sharing the blank kit pics. I liked her til I saw this one prototype version. And I am having a hard time unseeing this one. The lips are way too extreme on this one. The blisters are too much. This version made me hate the kit. I’m hoping you can come up with something that will make me love the kit. :wink:


I like everything except the lip color on her…


Lots of bites! :joy:

So the lower the number it’s worth more?

I’m gonna have to look up how big she is

Not really, but some collectors seem to think so. The kits arrive in huge boxes to the dealers and sculptors and they send them out with COAs so the last kit pulled from the mold could have the lowest number.


She is just under 18”

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I agree!! This artist does an amazing job but the way she did the lips totally ruined it for me. It bugs me so bad :sob:


Yes, it’s disturbing with the gray-purple.

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