Greta kit

Has anyone ordered the Greta kit from Andrea Arcello?

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No, but I wanted to. She’s definitely on my list.

Yes I did!!! I can’t wait for it to come in! Did you order it?

I did order one. It came. It’s very cute but I noticed a scratch on the head and marks on the legs. I emailed them about it and they sent replacement head and legs. Unfortunately they have the same marks. I fear if I tell them that it’s the same as the first that they won’t believe me so I guess I’m just stuck with it.

I’ve looked over my kits and don’t see any issues. I do see a very faint line about 2" that runs upward from her left ear into the hairline. I definitely don’t think it will impact the reborning process. It is smooth within the vinyl. I plan on reborning her. Will post if any issues.

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