Grant finally sold

Yay!!! Grant finally sold. I had listed him three times. Lots of watchers but no bites. So, I let him sit around for a bit. Then a few days ago I was contacted by someone who still had him on her watch list. She was wondering if I still had him and if I planned on relisting him because she was interested in him. I said I would and that if she wanted me to post a certain day I would with a BIN. I hadn’t heard from her in three or four days so I went ahead and listed him anyway. That was last night. Today on my way home I had an ebay message that he sold and a few minutes later a message that the person paid. The thing is, it is not the woman who contacted me. Oh well. I’m so happy, yet sad. He was one of my favorites that I have done lately. Hopefully he is going to a good home. So, now I’m off the get him packed up.

Congratulations! YAY!!!

woo-hoo! Maybe you’ll have to make another Grant! Someone is still looking!

Glad he has headed home to his new mommy but that is surprising that it was a different person. Maybe the other lady will contact you for a different baby. Sometimes it does get frustrating to list over and over but every now and then it pays off!

thanks all. Grant was boxed up and dropped off—so sad. But I have to hope that where he is going they will like him just as much. He doesn’t have a very long trip either. Next is to try and finish Meg and then continue working on Easton. My hands are going too numb when rooting Meg. uggghhh