Got me some windsor & newton cleaner

omg i absolutely love this stuff. im stripping my presley awake to try the primary color technique and the paint just melts away leaving the vinyl looking so clean. :smiley:


I love it, too, and it does a really great job of cleaning and restoring your paint brushes as well as stripping dolls. Just make sure you wash the parts really well, getting in all the creases and folds. The Windsor Newton is a little bit oily.

lol…yeah i already found that out but i made sure i washed them really good :slight_smile:

Glad you tried this product and know now why it is the best to work with and well worth the money it costs. As for oily - no matter what product I would use - the parts need to be cleaned in soapy water anyway. I wouldn’t use anything other than Winsor-Newton.



I have always loved Windsor and Newton products and this is another good one. Are we getting paid for endorsements? LOL