Gorilla baby so far

I just wanted to share my gorilla baby. Rooting next. I’ve been working hard on this one.


I need to bake one more time to set the sealer. That’s the white part near his eye and nose

Looks nice! Are you gonna root the whole head and limbs? Seems like so much work, haha.

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I constantly struggle with wanting one of those. I’m not sure about my skill level.

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Thank you. Yes. I always root the whole head and arms. :smile:. So much HAIR! Haha

You can do it!!! I’ve made many chimps. And remember. You.can always strip and start over. :gift_heart:

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So cute! Is that Pearl? If so, was she blank or prepainted?

I have a factory painted/rooted one that I thought about stripping & re-doing, but the vinyl is pretty hard and it seems like an awful lot of work compared to nice, new, naked vinyl :wink:

I can’t wait to see yours finished!

She was a blank kit. I don’t remember her name. But she was all painted by me.
If you want to redo yours. Heating the vinyl softens it

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Awesome- thanks!

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