Golden wetting agent/ acrylic flow release travel advise....... ANSWERED

Can this be air transported or is it classed as dangerous ?

IDK about dangerous but they would probably consider it a liquid and confiscate it. I bought a jar of coconut peanut butter in Hawaii and they said that was liquid and took it.

I bought home made jelly they wanted to take it but the man was nice and let me keep it.

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I think the person just wanted it for themselves. Why couldn’t you put that in your checked luggage??


I could have put it in checked luggage but I only had a carry-on bag. I’ve never eaten liquid peanut butter. I asked him if he wanted it, since I couldn’t take it and he said it’s not allowed.

That sucks, what a waste of money huh?

That’s for sure. That small jar of peanut butter cost a ridiculous $11.00!

@jeanhai I was checking because it says dangerous on the back of the product.
I have received a reply from Golden saying it is ok to transport and they have enclosed a letter to give to the airline if they question anything . I will pay for the hold luggage as I don’t want a chance of losing all my new paints and mediums lol.