Golden Paints must haves

Hey everyone! I’m getting back into reborning and think I’ve decided to switch to golden paints. I used to use GHSP but of course that’s not an option and air dry seems to be the better choice for my life now anyway.

Those of you that use golden, what are your go to colors. Which ones do you use the most, what are your must haves if you’re only buying a handful of colors.
I mostly paint preemies and small newborns, if it helps.


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Pyrrole Red, Primary Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Yellow, Titan Buff, Black, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber Light. I use others, but these are used most often.


Thank you! That’s super helpful!

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If you can only buy a few, I started with and still use, mostly primary colors , red,blue, yellow, white. I also buy black (mostly for hair) and
Brown, which van be made with primary colors, but to save time mixing.

Also I recently purchased golden molding paste and thinned down, mixed with my matte varnish I use, it works great for adding some texture at the end.


I might try this! Anything special I need to know before ordering it?

Thank you! I was planning to get a set of primaries to try out, along with a few other colors so it’s always helpful to know which ones people use most! I used to mix the majority of my own colors with GHSP so I’m used to it, but it’s easier not to if there are colors that are already good ready made lol
Plus I have no idea if I’ll like air dry so I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch and then decide I hate it and quit reborning again :joy:


I used it for texture by using a sponge and pouncing it on, it gives it a nice texture that way. I also used it for dry skin effects by adding a little and using a toothpick etc to firm the effect I was going for. I’m super pleased with it.
Some advice would be to try it out with at different levels of thickness. Straight out of the jar is not good lol. VERY thick, so the 8 oz jar I bought will last forever probably.
Also, I mixed it with some thinned matte varnish and add water as needed. Thinning with just water leaves a “sheen” when dry, not matte, but not extremely shiny.
Using with matte varnish cuts down helps cut down the sheen. You could also thin with just water and then do the matte varnish after.
Basically just play around with it, to find the thickness you like, with a practice piece of course, but I found it pretty easy to use. :relaxed::+1:t3: