Going thru baby stuff

I’m going thru my baby things , and I have a lot, clothes, shoes etc.:blush: if anyone is interested in anything, let me know what and I’ll see if I have it. I’m trying to make a little money to help my daughter who’s expecting, and also I have too much stuff.

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I’m looking for NB pink sleeper gown of ya have one. Also cheap kits or parts of kits for the kids and I to practice. Thanks!

I’m always interested lol

I am looking for a long gown, like a Christening Gown… Also i am looking for some NB Boys Clothing and socks.

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I will take pics of things I have :blush::blush::blush:, I will post them ASAP

I’ll put pics of all I have and you all can see

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Ok that sounds great Angela! i am looking forward to it!

I will have pics on tomorrow for anyone interested :blush::blush:

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@Angel76 what happened? No pics yet… Hope all is well!! Talk to you soon!

Sorry I’m at work, as soon as I get home I’ll put some on😊

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Sorry I’ve not gotten pics on yet, my days have been busy and crazy, I will try my best to put some more things on so you all can see.

no problem, whenever you get a chance is fine. thanks, Debbie