Goal and Growth for 2018

Hey Ladies,

Do you all have anything that your are striving for in the coming year? Maybe it’s finding a doll or kit that you’ve always wanted or goals for mastering your craft. I do not believe in resolutions but I do set goals for what I want to do. This year I plan to learn how to root (and like it) and master eyebrows. I would love for you to share what ever it is that you may be trying to accomplish.


Bought a rooting dvd and hoping future babies look less like adult hair and more like baby hair.

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Want this

Not so much of this


I want to learn Ethnic tones better and hope to have a booth at ROSE 2018

And can NOT wait to see my Forum ladies in July!:heart:


Me too.

I want to go to Rose 2018. I need to sell a lot of dolls :smiley:


Make the dolls in my stash and sell them I stead of keeping them!


Hahaha! :wink:

And get your show babies done!

I know! I am so EVERYWHERE! Ttied to root Laila tonight. Had Twin B in the oven and I think it’s too cold here. I feel like the paint wasn’t setting so I stopped. We just had a little snow fall.

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I want to be able to make nice ethnic babies. On the other end of the spectrum, am experimenting with the very pale look as well. It’s actually very difficult to get the depth I like without going too dark or chalky… we will see.

Can’t forget this one. Tackle my weight. With a hobby that requires a paintbrush and a chair, the pounds are sneaking up on me. No thanks for that!


Perhaps you could stand and paint to music and then when it comes to pouncing you could jump and dance to the rhythm of the music :wink:


I like your idea.

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I want to improve my skills in every area of reborning. I want a better understanding of the products I use in reborning.

I really need to improve my hands on my dolls so that’s something I’d want to do

I just attempted to paint hair so I want to master that and mono rooting.



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I’m taking a class in Orlando this summer. It’s the advanced silicone painting class.

I want to get into a groove where I can work on my dolls and manage my life. I want to go to ROSE and I want to get a reborning blog up and running.