Glass beads size?

I’m thinking about ordering glass beads from harbor freight. I always buy them from bbabies. How do I know what size to purchase? The beads from bbabies are a good size but I don’t know the size.

I used to buy speciality bead #1 but I can’t them anymore so now I use size #3. Hope it helps. What I saw at HF was more of a powder type abrasive and doesn’t work at all. Try a blasting company.

Do a search on “Harbor Freight” and on “glass beads” and you’ll find a lot of info. Here’s one thread:

They are too small from Harbour Freight. BB are at least a BT-3 size bead.

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Thanks for that info, I just changed my mind. I figure it most likely won’t be good for me since I had pulmonary embolism in july and dvt. I’m now taking a blood thinner for the rest of my life. Doctor found out that I have a genetic gene mutation that makes me prone to getting blood clots. So, I’m really glad you told me that, thank you so much, :smile: