GinnyLee Loving your siggy baby more pics please

GinnyLee Puddin is one of my favs forever since he was my first- i would lLOVE to see more pics of your siggy baby please

Thank you so much Kathyrn - I fell in love with little "Puddin’ too. I really didn’t think I would like this one so much, but surprised at how sweet she is. If you click on the photo, it will take you right into my Photobucket account. There aren’t many photos since I’m just beginning, but there are some of the dolls I have made. Another one I enjoyed doing was Libby. I will be learning more than posting so, I do look forward to improving my work. Have a great day and thanks again!

Awww pick her up !!! So cute !!!

great i am going to check them out thank you! next time i will make a girl puddin!

Cher – funny you say “pick her up!” That’s what I find that I keep doing. It’s hard to walk past that basinette without reaching in for her! Must be the grandmom in me I guess.

I just love that you added tears - perfect finishing touch!