GHS AND thinner

Should I be concerned about heating the vinyl and using thinner. Right now I have been using a heat gun outside to cure it. I’m afraid to get an oven because I don’t have good luck and I don’t want to melt the babies. Should I be concerned with using the thinner in my house. I don’t want to die for making dolls.

Hi Estelle-
Unfortunately both things are bad for you. I use a Nuwave oven outside for baking, and though it was a bit of an investment I wouldn’t make dolls without it for safety reasons. It’s also super easy to use!

Thinner is hazardous both in vapor and liquid form. So you’d want to use ventilation inside and gloves whenever possible. I’m guilty of not cracking a window or skipping gloves every once in a while, but best practice is ventilation + gloves.

Hope that helps! I hope it doesn’t scare you away from making dolls, but rather gives you a chance to think through your workspace and maybe do a little shopping :wink:

Lol well that is very concerning. Not sure what I will do next. My preemie was easy with heat gun but working on Ana is annoying she is big. I may have to invest in an oven but I just would hate to melt my dolls lol. I haven’t worn gloves so I probably should start. Sigh

Haha well, my philosophy is to err on the side of caution, so take my advice with a grain of salt :wink:

The Nuwave is really pretty foolproof though. I have a newer version-- you enter the temperature (265) and the time (8 minutes), hit start and let it do its thing. I use a thermometer inside, and the oven is very accurate. Just make sure parts don’t touch each other or the metal sides. I use cotton towels as liner on the bottom and to prop up limbs as needed. And definitely use the extender ring.

I think I’d be more afraid of melting with the heat gun…my gun is still in its box…:grin:

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Believe it or not I have not melted my baby yet with the gun. Actually my first baby the paint came off because it was not hot enough. I put mine on high ans hold it in each spot about 8 to 10 seconds. I don’t have the bb gun but one that gets hotter. I was afraid at first but now I’m not. When I waved it back aND forth on low it was setting. On high for about 10 Seconds and it was set. Trust me I wiled my eyebrows off over and over and aftwr being heated the old ones stayed. I just don’t want to get cancer over something I love