GHP Recomended colors

Other than the basic colors used for baby painting (flesh 08, vein blue, pyrol red, red, ultramarine, etc) are there any others that I might want? I’ve done three babies so far and I’m hoping that some different colors would add depth and such.


I only use burnt umber, genesis yellow, genesis red, ultramarine blue and titanium white, because you can mix any colours you want from those 5 colours


I really like Quinacridone crimson. It’s good as a lip/nail color on it’s own or you can use it to mix other colors. This is what it looks like mixed with thinning medium

And one layer of that on the blank vinyl (in his nose and on his lips) and on his nails

That’s the only color I used on his lips and nails, here they are finished


Burnt umber, viridian green, pthalo green, yellow ochre, quinacridone crimson, magenta, a black, titanium white, basic red, blue and yellow and maybe a flesh tone like 4-8. Have fun!


Ohmylord that’s BEAUTIFUL :anguished: Would that my babies ever looked so good, lol

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Awesome! Thanks so much, ladies :slight_smile:

Burnt umber and yellow ochre

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Thanks :blush: it’s all about practice! I’ve been reborning for 5 years now, and trust me, my first few were a hot mess lol Here’s my very first baby, Caleb

And my most recent (not quite finished yet,she’ll be rooted)


I love her babies. She does a great job! If I were rich, I’d have a house full of reborns. Then my friends would think I’m actually crazy haha.