Getting ready for my first was your first?

Sooo just booked my booth at my first show, Its a general doll show antiques, collectibles etc. I’m just curious what your first doll show experience was like, how many dolls should i bring. What was your big seller, what was your price range, that kind of stuff.


Following :slight_smile:

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May I ask where is the show? What is the scale of it?

It’s the hill country doll show hear in Texas, doesn’t seem to be huge 500 ppl maybe

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Melvil, I’m in Austin, is this anywhere nearby? I would love to go to a doll show!

My 1st doll show I sold 5 babies. I was so excited! I thought it would be like that all the time.The 2nd one I didn’t sell any. It’s kind of a crap shoot. I’d take at least 6 or 7 if you have that many. I put helium baby shower balloons on the corners of my table, attached with a clothespin, so they’re above the crowd and can be noticed from a distance. I think it draws people over to my booth. I love doing doll shows. It’s really fun to see people’s reactions to the dolls and to interact with them face to face. Make sure you tell them the dolls are hand painted by you. Most people don’t realize that if you don’t tell them. How come none of you people live near me? lol


Oh YES! I’m less than an hour from you on Spring Branch, about 30 min north of San Antonio. The show is in schertz just down 35, I would love to meet you!


I just googled it, is it the show in August? I will have to get time off from work and make a day of it! I would love to meet some other doll lovers!

That is epic advice thank you! I’m nervous but so excited. Glad to have something to look forward to and work towards. I think I’ve finally found an artistic outlet that I can indulge in and could be, at the very least, Self sustaining. I was aiming for 6 to 7 babies so I’m glad to hear my goal was on par.

Yes that’s the one!!!

Please come! I would desperately love to connect with another artist in person!

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Same! We will have to chat closer to August!

Me too!!! There’s a doll show in Austin this weekend. It didn’t say anything about reborns specifically but barbies and stuff. I wish I could find more info. It’s up on Anderson.

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WAIT I live not far from Anderson! Do you have a link? More info? Are you going?

I’m not sure I can go but would love to hear about it if you do !

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I may actually be able to go in the morning! If you are able to go we should meet up!

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That really does look like fun! I wouldn’t mind going to something like that. But, alas, my health prevents me. I have a niece who used to live in Austin. I went to visit her a couple of times. :slight_smile:

Well I went, I was there for about 15 minutes and left. All vintage porcelain dolls and barbies. :cry: Was really hoping to see some reborns. @Melvil1980 I’ll just have to make a point of going to the show you’re doing in August.

I’m usually the only one with reborns at the shows I sell at… It’s a great advantage for me but it would be fun to see someone else’s work occasionally.


It’s really too bad there aren’t more reborn specific doll shows that aren’t Rose. I would love to meet local artists and see their work.

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