Genesis Matte Varnish Alternative?

I will shortly be out of the matte varnish and everywhere I have looked is out of stock apparently due to COVID. Is there an alternative that I can use with the heat set paints and get the same effect? Don’t want the satin. I need a shine remover and something that gives a bit of texture. Any ideas?

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Same here!

Glad I’m not alone! Kind of freaking out since I use it all the time. LOL

Me to!!

I’m seeing it available here. Not sure whether it’s accurate though. I also haven’t ever ordered from these sites, so I cannot vouch for their legitimacy.
Secrist Wholesale
Polymer Clay Express

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Secrist wholesale only sells to dealers, tried that one last night. The other could work though

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I have been able to put it in a cart at a couple places but then read the small print about things might actually be on backorder when you order and you’ll get notified if they are. Don’t want to waste my time with that. LOL I’m just assuming everywhere is out. Hope it’s back soon.


I think Dolls by Sandie might have some but only the small jars?