Gemma kit question

For those who have done Gemma, does her right foot on your doll have a 2 inch long, quite sharp ridge along the inside of the foot up the foot from the arch, or did I get a weird kit? Thanks for answering if you know. This looks quite odd. The rest of the kit looks fine.

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I think you may have gotten a defective kit. I bought my Gemma months ago and just checked her out. She doesn’t have what you just described. :worried: I wonder if you ended up with a seconds kit.

I just checked mine. I didn’t feel or see anything.

pictures may help…


Your feet and babies look l lovely! I will get some pictures.

Here are a couple of pictures. The rest of the kit looks fine. Sorry one pic is blurry, but the ridge shows up on it. @EmilyBB, is this the way it should be? The number on the flange is JD 494.

They look the same to me… you can see the flatter area in the finished baby…

Yes, mine had that ridge also.

Thanks ladies. I appreciate this information. Strange foot this doll has!


My Shyann is like that on her leg, but it is a seconds kit.

I think it’s supposed to be bone definition or something lol…not sure…

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Actually, I’d looks much like my foot since I had surgery on the tendons on the side of my foot last Sept!