FYI Email Re. "Baby Grinch" Debbies' Reborn Kits

Here is email :Hi Everybody

I would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to everybody who has purchased from my website during 2016, you have all been really super and friendly. I am small business, self employed and a single parent so thankyou so much for supporting my business by purchasing from my website or my ebay shop plus the occasional sell via facebook lol.

I hope you all have a very happy christmas and a safe new year. Hopefully 2017 will improve on 2016 for my business and will get better and better!

On a slightly down side I had a message from my good friend Jade Warner with regards to the Baby Grinch kits that Jade sculpted. I have copied and pasted, with Jade’s consent, her message to me with regards to the Baby Grinch kit for the people who purchased this kit so this message does not include anybody who did not purchase Baby Grinch. Jade is very upset at the moment and has taken time out to deal with this.

Christmas wishes and Hugs to you all

Debbie xx

PS IF anybody who bought a Baby Grinch from myself and has questions please feel free to get in touch


How are you :slightly_smiling_face:

I just have to let all my customers know re: Baby Grinch kit and what needs to be done to help me please …. As I don’t want legal action taken …

As I just got a letter from the firm dr suess enterprise in DLA Piper lawyers in Washington DC ??? Saying I can’t use their trademark “”Grinch “” they don’t care that it has Baby in front of it???

Now i don’t know what i am going to do , I have an appointment with my lawyer in new year …but will sort this out … but in the mean time I need all your help ….

So i have 8 step i have to follow and a couple of them is i need to get everyone to stop calling there kit Grinch or reborn Grinch or baby Grinch, I have changed the name to Baby Squinch funny name I know but just as long as the term Grinch isn’t used all will be ok !!!

I know I can’t do anything re name on back of the neck just as long as its not advertised and for the certificate I guess I could make a new one and email a pic to you all so you can print them out ?? but I won’t know the numbers on them so they will not be numbered certs …

So what i need everyone to do is… if you have posted on fb , your website or shown pics of the kit or your painted baby and have used the term “Grinch” you need to delete all pics please or I think if we just change the name to Baby Squinch all will be ok ….

I have had to remove all my pics off my website and fb and ebay so if you can please use the new name Baby Squinch or you can call it a new name just as long as we don’t use GRINCH…

I am sorry and hope everyone can help me with this and I am working to get this sorted out

Thank you for your understanding and help…



Sorry you’re going through this. I think it’s a bit ridiculous. I hope it all works out quickly.

Oh no! I hope this all gets sorted out quickly.

I have a degree in Media Communications and took a course in Media Law. My understanding of copyright law does show a violation although unintended. I’ve seen some others on the market which are flying under the radar right now…like the Harry Potter, etc. You can’t copy or modify an established product without repercussions. However, it could work out in your favor if you offer to sell them your rights. It could be big money. They could advertise and market the doll for huge profits in which you would have a share. Write to the people who contacted you and see if you can avoid involving attorneys. That’s always bad. Hope this works out okay for you.


Oh wow, who would have thought!?

I was assuming Jade had gotten permission, didn’t know she had not- that must be terrifying and especially at Christmas. Hopefully this can be resolved. :heart:

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Just passing the message- glad it isn’t me- lol.

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