Funniest stories about taking a reborn in public, reactions, anecdotes etc

I gave my mom a baby for her 80th b-day this past weekend. She had the most fun when she was able to trick my aunt and uncle.

First, she bought my aunt into her bedroom, telling her I had adopted a baby recently. She believed her because I had wanted more children but had 4 miscarriages so I only have my son, whom I love dearly. The baby was on her bed, in a diaper, tummy plate exposed, partly wrapped in a blanket. My aunt thought she was beautiful and said we should have told her, she would have bought her a hand knit dress. My mom finally got her to touch her, and she finally realized it was a doll.

Then she got my uncle, who looked at the baby carefully and thought she was pretty, but he started talking to me very seriously, saying how he knows I have the heart to care for another child, but that I really shouldn’t because of my health. He went on and on and I finally had to tell him she was a doll. He didn’t believe it.

Now my aunt wants one…

Then, my step dad’s sister went over and insisted on dressing the baby.

My mom is enjoying herself. :smile:


When I was taking Elsie out to meet her new mommy, A nice grandmother came up to me and lectured me for not having a hat on the baby lol


Yeah you have to be careful with how you treat them. Someone will report you for neglect or endangerment.


Definitley. I always treat them like real babies,I just didn’t have a hat that fit her big head lol.

She thought that I was just holding my baby sister while my mom was busy doing something else.
I get tons of awful looks and people staring at me when I take a baby out.

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We all really got a kick out of it. Even my son thought it was really funny.

I forgot to add that the evening of my mom’s party I showed another reborn to my in-laws. This one was an open eyed doll and I found out my mother in law is one of those that gets the shivers when looking at an open eyed baby doll. My brother in law was a little creeped out too. Hee. They did say it looked real though, which was nice. I was thinking of using the guest room for doll part storage but I guess I’ll have to make sure I can hide the evidence. :smile:


Lol! When I was 12,I was at a concert and some guy came up to me and asked if I had a cigarette he could have! I was like,I’m 12 freaking years old lol (I didn’t actually say that)
Some people are weird!

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Maybe lol

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