Full torso thoughts

So I got my adorable Atticus from @lovesdreambabies and he is to die for! He is my first LLE kit. I have never had a kit with a full torso. I am not too sure if I want it…it seems so bulky and rigid. I put him together loosely and the posing is limited. What would you do? If I paint it, I may take a few photos of it and then put it up; I definitely won’t be displaying him with it or holding him with it. Or I could sell it blank. What would you do?


I love the look of full torsos, makes adorable photos but, after adding a full torso for my Madison awake…I think I’m going to cut the torso into front and back plates. She seems stuck in one pose because of the torso. Plates will make it easier to remove on and off, posing idk yet…haven’t bit the bullet and cut it yet lol

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If you want the baby to have any ‘value’ don’t destroy the torso by cutting it, just don’t use it. You can paint it and then put it away and just assemble the baby on the body so it will be cuddly-----that’s what I would do, it is a SOLE kit, I believe. @Peachtree