Full torso babies, loose head?

This is my Adele by ping Lau that I made, as soon as I put her together (there weren’t instructions, though I read there was supposed to be so maybe they were misplace) I noticed her head was fairly loose.

I’m not sure if it’s any looser now or if the more I play with her the more I notice it. You can pose her head, but it will quickly fall backwards if not moved with the slowest most delicate hand.

I would like to ask if this is normal for a full torso type baby? I’ve also made Ellis by Tina Kewy and he was also loose feeling but he has a smaller head that’s less heavy.

If you’ve had this problem, what did you do about it? Thank you!


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I haven’t put my Adele together yet. She still needs hair. Could she need light armature of some kind? On my toddlers without torsos I use foam pipe insulation to support their heads but the opening in Adele’s neck is too small for that. Maybe a wire armature would help.

Is it a ball joint? Those should be on very tightly.

It is a ball jointed head.

I believe so, it’s elastic strung

I think so

I don’t think I could fit anything else in her head besides the joint

Either the elastic is too loose, or you assembled it wrong. I’ve done two toddlers with such heads and they don’t wobble or anything. You have to move them yourself.

How did you install the head? I had trouble finding instructions online.

Try Puppentraumland. They’ve got videos on how to assemble their full torso kits. I assume this is the same method.

Hmmm… I don’t remember her head coming with a tube, I have the head hook hooked to the center or the arm hooks

Mine came with 3 tubes but I haven’t even attempted to put her together because she’s not finished. If you’re missing a piece that’s probably why her head is loose.

Sounds like that’s why. The tube is what makes the elastic tight.

Thank you all so much! I’ll see what I can do!

Is the tube for the arms necessary or mostly the one for the head?