Full-time Reborn Artist?

I have been seeing so many beautiful babies on here lately and alot of u guys are making babies seemingly back to back. I was just curious how many Full-time reborn artists are on here and if you’re full time is that primary through Customs?? I know this is a hobby for most so I mean either u have free time right now and if you’re able to paint more or who get enough custom orders where they can be out of work. Just curious☺


I paint 4 days a week, so I guess that’s almost full time. None of mine are customs because I am allergic to them. They all sell pretty quickly and I do make a few extra $$$, but if I had to depend on this for income, we would starve.

Edited to add: Most of my dolls sell between $300-$400. If they sold for more, my opinion may be otherwise. I do know artists that support themselves with this work, but they are very well known and their dolls go for 2-3 times the amount that mine do.


I am a stay at home mom, so I have plenty of time, and I use air dry so it take less time to paint. But I paint faster than I sell ! That’s certainly was not the way to make a steady income ! But those I sell pay for my supplies and give me extra money to help with the family budget.


Lol u are allergic to customs…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I hear they are a pain. Well that’s good u are selling ur beautiful babies rather quickly. 4 days a week to paint is a pretty good deal, are u a stay at home mom? Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, That’s pretty good ur not just breaking even. How do u find the time with the kids?unless they are older?

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I most definitely am. Lol I tried, can not do it. That said, I’m not the most patient person in the world. I use all that I have for my kids and have none left for foolishness from adults. I am a stay at home mom. One kid is a teenager and one goes to preschool… If the little one was home all day, I would only produce one baby every 6 months. :joy:


My 9 years old and 7 years old are in scool, I am alone with my 4 years old daughter. I paint when she play or watch tv, and the evening when they are in bed.
There is no way I would sell my dolls just for the price of the supplies. I sell them for twice the supplies and an amount for my time. They are not cheap, but not too expensive. This way I may sell less but I am sure to pay my supplies, have an amount for other kits an a profit.


I paint 5 days a week, usually, and on a good day I paint 5 or 6 hours. I use Genesis. I don’t do customs as a rule unless I get weak at Christmas time and it’s for a little girl and they LOVE my babies and it’s the only thing she wants for Christmas and my heart melts. LOL

Mine sell for 300-400 and I only do painted hair.

I’ve been reborning since 2002.


Yup! :blush:


I’m a stay at home mom. But I can’t say that makes me a full time reborn artist. We have 50+ chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc; 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 elementary age kids, a huge garden…plenty of real life stuff to keep me busy. I keep several doll kits on the paint table. I use Genesis, so it doesn’t dry out. I just randomly walk by and paint a layer every now and then. I probably spend no more than an hour total every day painting. It’s the rooting that gets me. I need to spend more time rooting. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours on one. Tomorrow the kids go back to school so maybe I can justify a day of rooting hair while watching TV. Maybe Lifetime has some good time waster movies on during the day. I need Netflix so I can find a good series to binge watch and get all these babies rooted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With Genesis paints 5-6 hours can go by seemingly like 2 right? Lol time flies and clearly you love what u do. Since 2002! Wow… Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Oh you definitely have your hands full… There is definitely some good entertainment on LMN love those movies. If your binging on Netflix time will definitely fly by I discovered this show on there called The Good Place very good show, but personally i Can’t wait for the return of Stranger Things :slight_smile:


I work a 40 hour job and I come home and reborn at night (so part-time). Usually about 2-4 hours a night and at least 8-16 hours on the weekends. My hopes is in the next 2 years to go full time with my Etsy shop. I recently took 2 custom orders. One I just got done with the other one is for Christmas. Not my first choice and I probably will not do another one again. I hated having it sit on my counter and know that they paid me in full. The Christmas one is on lay away so that one is a little better. I usually take almost a month off from my full time job during November and December to keep up.

I sell my babies any where from 200.00 for preemies but the majority is $300 on up. Just depending. I usually do some painted hair or bald. I am not to fond of rooting. I have been doing this since 2005. I had to find a sweet spot for Christmas with my Etsy store so that is why my prices vary.

Since 2005 is quite a long time, that’s so amazing and interesting. I wonder who made the first reborn and what year… something I will look up.This art talent has been around for a while. What’s your Etsy shop? I’ll check it out. Thanks for Sharing :slight_smile:

I am full time (sometimes 6-7 days a week) have always done customs, but now just for my regular buyers. I also make ready mades all thru the year :slight_smile:

Here is my shop :slight_smile:


Lots of good stuff

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I’m disabled so I paint any time I want to.
That said. The market changes so much there is no way to make a steady income with them. How many sell and how fast depends on time of year. The particular sculpt. Ect ect.
Its a hobby that pays for its self. I’m happy with that.


Yes, I agree with everything you said😀

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I’m a stay at home mom also so I get to pretty much paint when I want and am able to. Obviously kid stuff comes first but now that they are much older and one can drive, I have more time. I do this as an added income. It started as a hobby but has become more than that lately. I don’t take custom orders but I am currently working for a facility making dolls. No it’s not Macrobaby. :wink: I don’t work for them exclusively so I am able to still create the dolls I want and then list them for sale.