Full paci kit

I’m sure one of you fabulous people will be able to answer this for me…does any BB kit take a full pacifier without modification? My daughter has a bunch of WubbaNubs from when she was little and wants a baby to use them. Thanks!!

No BB kits that I know of. I’ve been wishing they would make one for a long time! :blush:

Edit: Twin A is a great option that only costs a little more than a realborn, I think…

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Not Sydney, Ladybug or Quinton either?

Quinton and Ladybug both definitely can’t. A trimmed paci, but not a full. I’m 99% sure Sydney is the same way.


Thanks, good to know!

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What about Lulu? Maybe someone who’s made her can answer…

Modified one for Sofie

I remember reading a thread many years back that said she can’t… people thought she could, and were disappointed. That said, I’ve never owned a Lulu myself, so I can’t say I’m %110 sure!

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I have an unpainted lulu. You have to trim the paci for her

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Sofie can take a full preemie gumdrop paci, if I remember right.

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