Full limb kit?

I have been asked if there is a baby that has full arms and legs bigger than the Nod and Blinkin kit, and dang if I am finding one. I know Honey has full legs but is there a kit with full arms? Maybe I could figure out a body.

Riley has full limbs

Riley has full arms, Leah/Lane have full arms, Elliott/Easton/Grant have full arms

There are others not BB, Tatiana by Reva Schick, etc… but the BB ones, I would take Elliott/Easton & Grant arms and legs - they look very natural unlike Leah/Lane hands, that are shaped a bit oddly in my opinion.

Ty ladies I will look into them. I can mix and match.

Debora, I found one on ebay Trinny - full arms & legs and 3 bids and it’s only up to $39.00

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trinny-by-Jessi … 3f25d72b0b

I really don’t like the shape of Riley’s head. Going to see if I can use the limbs with a different head maybe or just make her to sell instead. Maybe with a lot of hair (I have a bunch of human hair from a friend) I could do her as a toddler even if she is smaller. That would cover the shape better. I wish BB could do photos like the phone company where you can rotate the views so you know what you are getting.

bb has a full limb body its for riley, newborn size the # is 565…8.95…Linda

Riley is an option.

LDC Soft Line has alot of silicone vinyl dolls like Victoria by Sheila Michael

Or Maybe you can find a Berjusa or Berenguer on ebay and make an old school reborn.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Berjusa-Newborn … 41715c10d8
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Reborn-Doll-Kit … 53f991c9c5
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antomically-Cor … 4173d34219

I bought these really awesome full limbs by Adrie Stoete to use with my Porsha to replace her arms(I actually lost one!) they have such cute chubby fingers! And I used the full legs on my Tabea. And ya gotta love full limbs, right? They will go to any baby from about 19-21". There are also full Berenguer limbs for purchase at Dolls By Sandie.com They are for a baby about 18 or 19" I believe I got my Adrie limbs from Doll Dreams. Here is a link to the limbs I bought and the Berenguer limbs.

The full “Sandy” limbs I bought:
http://store.dolldreams.net/Sandy-Limbs-Only_p_857.html18" Berenguer limbs:
http://www.dollsbysandie.com/index.php? … ail&p=6287

Good luck!!

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The full “Sandy” limbs I bought:
http://store.*/Sandy-Limbs-Only_p_857.html18" Berenguer limbs:

Good luck!!

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Those sandy limbs are so awesome. They are Sandy by Sheila Michael